Malcom CasSelle: An Entrepreneur with Vision

Worldwide Assest eXchange (WAX), the Global Decentralized Marketplace for Virtual Assets, boasts itself as being a safer, faster, and more secure way for anyone to build and operate a virtual marketplace with little to no investment, or risk for that matter, involved in the process. Exchanging of virtual goods has been around for at least a couple of decades now. Hundreds of thousands of gamers have been selling and trading fully developed characters and unique items on games like Diablo II since back in the 1990s and World of Warcraft in the early 2000s. The trend has doing nothing if not grown bigger and better. This is exactly what lead OPSKINS innovative founder Malcom CasSelle to his newest brainchild, WAX.

The future of WAX entails so much more than a platform for selling in-game goods however. it is the foundations for not only a new global marketplace for peer-to-peer trading, but for a new cryptocurrency as well, or Wax Tokens, which could compete with such already existing and successful currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. “WAX is the onramp for mass market cryptocurrency adoption.” says William Quigley, current WAX CEO. As of right now there are nearly 2 billion WAX Tokens in circulation already, valued at around 0.16 USD each.

Malcome CasSelle attended both MIT and Standford University, where he earned degrees in Computer Science. It is no surprise that he is not only the President of WAX but acting CIO of OPSKINS as well, which is by far and large the most lucrative and successful online market place for buying and selling in-game goods from countless online video games and platforms. He is the former CTO of Tribune Publishing, as well as SVP & GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l ( a company which bought-out Timeline Labs, of which he was CEO). He was also involved with startups such as MediaPass and Xfire which center around the the digital industry and online gaming. Investments of CasSelle include FB, Zynga, and Bitcoin affiliated companies.
In the 1990s CasCelles founded one of the first media based website companies with a focus on Afrocentric culture, NetNoir, where he was acting CTO. At the turn of the century(98-03) he was selected as senior vice president and advisor for Pacific Century CyberWorks CEO, PCCW being a massive telco service company located in HongKong. After that CasSelle worked as a director of Capital Union Investments also in HongKong, and worked as a top executive for the joint venture between Tencent and Groupon. It is clear to see that CasCelle is more than just another executive in the global rat race, he is a true entrepreneur spirited businessman with high intelligence, imagination, and good old fashioned street smarts to say the least.