Newly Appointed CEO of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie pens a letter of apology

Pizza giant Papa John’s has announced that the company has elected Steve Ritchie as their new Cheif executive officer. Steve Ritchie who was the former president of the company has worked in almost all areas of the company including being an hourly wage customer service rep. in the mid-90s. The change in leadership comes after an internal scandal rocked the pizza giant and caused an enormous Public relations disaster that has now affected the companies revenues.

The company in an attempt to apologize to customers and investors sent out a mass newsletter via email. However, this was not good enough for Steve Ritchie as he believed that more should be done about this matter. Steve quickly nixed the newsletter and as his first task as CEO began to pen a personalized letter to customers and the public in general. The letter begins by making people aware that this embarrassment has been one of the hardest things he’s had to go through during his time with the company. However, he emphasizes the fact that these hateful comments said by a former employee do not any in any way represent the views of the company or any of its staff members. In addition, he reminds the public not to take their anger out on their stores as most of these locations are run by people from their own community, fathers, sons, and daughters who have nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Steve Ritchie also added that these words written in the letter are not enough and therefore the company will not begin performing massive steps to ensure that these situations never happen again. Firstly is the hiring of experts to conduct a company-wide audit of the company culture. Secondly, top management executives including himself will visit as many locations as they can to personally speak with people about what needs to be done. There is no doubt that the addition of Steve Ritchie as CEO has brought some hope to how the company will be run in the future.