Norman Pattiz Discusses The Results Of A New Edison Research Study

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster have unveiled the results of a major research study done on the PodcastOne Network. Mr. Pattiz is the executive chairman of the PodcastOne Network. Mr. Webster is the vice president of strategy at Edison Research.

The results that they will be releasing will include a thorough analysis on the effects of brand lift after a product or service was advertised on the Podcast One Network. In the research study five different brands across five different categories took part. This was the first such study done done in 2016 that measured pre and post brand lifting after the airing of podcast advertisements.

Overall, the effects of the PodcastOne marketing seemed to have a positive or upward effect on brand lift. Participants of the study were asked questions about brands, products and services before a campaign was launched.

they were then asked a series of questions after they had been exposed to the campaign for about 4-6 weeks on podcasts. Here is a summary of the results unveiled by Norman Pattiz of PodCast One and Tom Webster from Edison Research.

After the marketing campaign, 60% of respondents said they could recall a specific brand of grocery items. This was a small increase of about 7% before grocery products were marketed on the podcast. Product awareness for financial services showed a significant increase of about 47% when compared to before a marketing message was played.

Automobile aftermarket products had an increase of awareness of 37%. Lawn and garden products also showed a major increase in awareness with 24% of those surveyed saying they now recognized a certain brand in that category. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

The favorability of automobile after market products increased by 15% after they were marketed on PodcastOne. 6% more people were more likely to use a lawn and garden product after it was marketed on a podcast. The biggest increases in the study were for the recognition of campaign specific messages. This had an increase of 60% for automobile after market products and an increase of 76% for casual restaurants.

Norman Pattiz says that the results of the Edison Research study prove that podcast advertising can increase brand recognition significantly. It can also serve as a highly effective way to increase the recognition of specific campaign messages that are often lost in other advertising mediums. Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He has also founded radio broadcasting company, Westwood One.