Not Just Another Rapper; A Brief Look at Nicki Minaj


While she’s known for her outrageous costumes, feminine edge, and bad ass music, there’s more to Nicki Minaj than just curves, attitude, and music.

Nicki has a complicated history that led her to want to both act out, and act out through alter egos. This has in no way held her back in her career, however.

And her career hasn’t been limited to just rap music. She’s done fun collaborations with The Lonely Island (The Creep), as well as many voicework roles in feel good movies and TV shows.

This includes a little-seen but much-loved character from the wildly successful show, ‘Steven Universe’. She voices the fusion Sugilite, who is an in-your-face powerhouse.

Interestingly enough, she is thus far the only woman to have been featured on Forbes’s ‘Hip Hop Cash Kings’ list. She made 4 consecutive appearances on the list – nothing to scoff at!

So while she may be most recognizable as a hottie in weird clothes who can rap like no one else, there is definitely more to those intriguing female rapper than meets the eye.