Trump’s First Year Needs to Be Spent Cleaning Up Reputation, Political Divide

As we have all been hearing, the State Department’s Inspector General has reported various violations by Hilary Clinton, while working as Secretary of State. The major violations involve the use of her own private server, located outside the government’s range for monitoring. She not only jeopardized national security but the trust of the American public. President Obama claims he was unaware of the violations, which is unreasonable.

All this rhetoric has pushed Donald Trump’s brand popularity sky high, as he claims he will put an end to the secrecy of the long term government bureaucracy. His reputation as a business leader bodes well for success. It is reported that managers and employees within each of the government agencies, including the State Department sometimes refuse to cooperate with investigations into the activities of their offices. In short, this history of behavior has turned most Americans against the federal government, due to lack of trust and honesty.

That is why, many supporters are saying that if there is a Trump Presidency, that within the first year in office, Trump will be very busy cleaning up the bureaucratic mess that now exists. His reputation as a tough,” get things done” leader is his key personality trait people like. The responsibility of the Inspectors General under Trump, should include not only reporting on possible wrong doing, but being able to take action against the wrong-doer. The new administration should also enact new practices that would come down hard on any employee who tried to block investigations or refused to cooperate with them.

Trump’s reputation review will depend on making sure that those he appoints to various positions within his administration will be held accountable for their actions or in-actions. His reputation should serve him well – maybe he won’t even need an online reputation management company like to save him. Corruption within the government needs to be removed and replaced with people the American public can trust.

Marie Claire Chats With Fabletics About Nice Clothes

Every woman deserves to have nice clothes that they can wear every day, and they can use the Fabletics line to make sure they look great in something that is really simple. The best part of this is that most women can go with Fabletics, and they will learn all those options when they are reading about it in Marie Claire. Marie Claire wanted to know why the clothes at Fabletics are so attractive to active women, and they learned a lot.
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There are a lot of people who want to make sure that they have something that they can get into and out of easily. There are a lot of clothes that women can wear, and they can learn which clothes work best once they have picked them all out. It should be easy to get all these things done from Fabletics, and it should be easy for these women to get dressed when they are making different stops during the day. Making all these stops is very easy, and the only good way for this to work is for women to find interchangeable clothes.

The athleisure clothes that women wear from Fabletics will find out that they can change their clothes easily, and they will be able to change at the gym to get from one place to another quickly. That helps them when it is time to move on to a new task, or it helps women when they finally show up at the gym ready to work out. A woman who works out often needs to have the workout clothes under her regular clothes, and she needs to be sure she has more clothes in her bag.

Women can actually pack all these clothes away easily, and they will learn how to change easily during the course of the day with their blog. The day will not drag on because women can wear essentially one outfit that is very easy to change, and they can go with the skirts, tops and other accessories that work for them. Women can do everything from tights and a sports bra to an athleisure dress that makes her look amazing.

Talk Fusion Introduces A 30-day Free-Trail To Provide An Opportunity For New Customers To Try The Service.

In just a few years, Talk Fusion has become a leader in video emails and video newsletters, and it is now proud to be the eighth-largest online video content provider in the world. The company has surpassed big corporations such as Yahoo, MegaVideo, and CBS according to Bob Reina. The company offers video auto-responders, video conferencing, and more. About eight years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of Talk Fusion. But now, the world is headed towards video communication through a cutting-edge video technology for the today’s marketplace.


The truth is that video is widely being used today, and Talk Fusion is part of the transformation. Part of the reason is that the company continues to develop video technology applications but also abiding by the direct selling mantra of keeping it simple. What’s more, Talk Fusion makes its product easy to use for its consumers as one of the reasons many people have preferred the magnetic opportunity.


Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of the company believes that video technology was an inevitable part of the evolution of communication. It all began with the spoken word on the radio; then the world embraced the moving pictures on television, then it came to email communication, and now its smartphone and tablets that carry video. According to Bob Reina, nothing helps people to communicate better than video.


When asked about his challenges during an interview, Bob Reina said that when he started the company, there was no market to target as any person was considered a prospect in the business. Several years down the line, the company has made it easy for businesses and individuals to get started because anyone can register online instantly, get an ID and password to log in and start using the product of their choice immediately.


Talk Fusion has finally launched the much-anticipated 30-day free trial to prospective consumers to try the video communications solutions provided by the company. According to Bob Reina, people who have tried the service have ended up buying it. It is with that trend the company saw a need to provide its new customers a 30-day free trial and decide if they still need the service.


Doe Deere Makes Her Dreams Come True

Doe Deere was born and grew up in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17. Doe describes herself as being ambitious and imaginative. She always had big dreams and wanted to become a musician, which she did when she was in New York. Being a musician taught Doe to appreciate those that supported you – such as attending her concerts. She feels she was always an entrepreneur, even at a young age. When she was 13, she would see temporary tattoos to her classmates. Temporary tattoos were just a novelty then, but she made them cool by wearing them and insisting it was okay. Although she lived in Manhattan for a while, she considered Brooklyn her home/stomping ground. Doe associates her time in New York with her band, which is where she met her husband. They were both song writers and learned to collaborate. They worked well together in the band and things grew from there.

Does loves bring and vibrant colors. She was unable to find those colors back in 2008, so she began to make her own. She is seen sporting vibrant hair colors, expressing her true inner-self. She feels that make up should allow you to express yourself and be true to who you really are as a person, not cover it up. In the beginning, she was surprised to see so many woman gravitate towards those same vibrant colors.

Doe believes everyone should follow their heart as everyone has something special (a unique skill or quality) that only they can offer the world. She views her customers as unicorns, being magical, unique and special in their own individual way. She feels that when you tune in to what you can offer, that is when you really start to blossom. Being true to herself and following her ideas is how Lime Crime, the make up company was born.

Doe majored in Fashion at FIT in New York. Doe loves that Lime Crime allows women, herself included, to be able to express themselves in their truest form. Her line gives women the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement. Her confidence shows in her pictures showing off her vibrant colors. Doe is definitely an inspiration to women to follow their dreams.

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Thor Halvorssen Unpacks Socialism

Fox News invited Thor Halvorssen on a program with host Trish Reagan to unpack some of the issues with socialism. This interview coincides with conversations from the presidential campaign trail about the socialist policies that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been pitching to voters this year. While many of the ideas from Senator Sanders are appealing to Americans struggling to pay their bills and stay out of debt, Halvorssen explains that they just may not be all that they are cracked up to be.


Halvorssen’s main warning about socialism has to do with the preservation of human rights. This makes perfect sense because Halvorssen is the President of the Human Rights Foundation out of New York City. Halvorssen says that while not all socialist governments are bad, there is a serious tendency to absorb too much power too quickly with socialist regimes. One of the major ways that this happens is that the socialist government sets price controls and starts limiting the supply of certain goods. When these goods become staples, such as food, water, gas or medicine, this can present a very real problem for society. People will have limited access to these necessary things, which can culminate in a major humanitarian crisis.


Halvorssen says that not all socialist governments get it wrong, but there can be disastrous results when they do. He relies on Venezuela as an example of how badly things can go under a socialist government. Right now, that country is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis that could tear the entire country apart. People do not have access to food and medicine that they desperately need. Hospitals and schools have shut down, and there is widespread chaos. Thor Halvorssen says that not every country gets socialism right, but Norway and Sweden are examples of ones that did.


Halvorssen may not be a fan of socialism, but he is supporting Senator Sanders in the upcoming presidential election. When asked about this, he said that he simply could not support Hillary Clinton because of her many connections to dictators around the world, which present a serious problem for human rights.

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The Internet and Predatory Behavior

The Internet is filled with predatory trolls that will take anything that could destroy their targets and use it. This actually happened to one person who became the victim of both online and offline harassment because someone found some information about him and posted it online so that other trolls can find him and harass him. The victim of such an unfortunate occurrence has been led to Darius Fisher, who runs Status Labs. According to Huffington Post, Status Labs is one of the companies that help their clients deal with what is known as digital hygiene. He has also learned about what is Internet friendly and what could result in a huge problem for people.

Status Labs is founded with the purpose of handling digital crises like these. For one thing, they deal with plenty of clients that are faced with similar problems. A lot of clients have been faced with a bad search result that hurt their career, business, relationships and other aspects of life. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t go away for people because it is on Google. When it comes to Google and other search engines, the search results do not go away with time until new search results are put in place for a certain keyword. Fortunately, Status Labs knows many different levels of improving reputation.

Among the suggestions that Darius Fisher, the owner and president of Status Labs suggests is to take care of all personal data. Personal data should not be online for anyone to find. Social Media privacy settings should be managed. This is to protect people from predators. Status Labs not only works on digital reputation management, but the staff of the company also gives people pointers on how they can protect their online reputation and avoid any harmful occurrences to their lives. With the improvement of reputation, the client can experience greater business and success. Follow Status Labs on Tumblr to keep up with news and events. They have an instagram as well @statuslabs.

Class Dojo: Connecting Education and Community

Class Dojo is an innovating creative online communication platform for the educational industry. Teachers are always seeking avenues to communicate with parents, in support of the students and the classroom. Class Dojo has developed an online program that is providing classroom connection between teachers and parents. In a generation where parents are interested in strengthening communication with their child’s education, this ground-up organization has provided a user friendly solution.

Outside of the teacher-parent connection, Class Dojo also offers educational materials that they have developed in collaboration with educators. Creating this community has given the ability to cross boundaries with innovation educational tools. Class Dojo has risen popularity within in their 5 years of forming they have already reached 2/3 of schools in the United States as well over 180 countries, and has the capability to translate in 35 different languages. Teachers are able to build their online platform sharing teaching information with other teachers without releasing any information regarding their students. The students information is only between the teacher and parent with the option to be removed by the parent, this is an option that was well thought out as it gives parents control over their child’s information. The key tool that can be used between the parent and teacher is the Instant messages and announcements feature. The benefactors with being able to reach a parent or the parent reaching the teacher keeps down phone time as well as getting important information out to each other in a timely manner if needed.

Creating the ability to support teachers and their passion for education is a remarkable asset that is beneficial to the students. Creating a positive culture with classrooms derives inspiration for students to want to do more, be more for their education. The positive feedback from the teacher and parents can also be seen on the “Wall of Love”, it is a beautiful page with a display of appreciation excitement the kids have about their classroom. If the students have something they want to their parents to see that they are doing in the class, the teacher can easily take a picture and post it to the “Wall of Love”, parents are able to capture the great moments in their child’s day.


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Wen’s Haircare Products Can Transform Your Tresses

You’ve probably seen the QVC commercials or Internet ads that promote the haircare line Wen by Chaz Dean at some point. This popular line of hair products are highly used products in Hollywood among celebrities. Chaz Dean is a trusted professional hair stylist who created these products in the hopes of giving women shinier, healthier hair. Said to work for all hair types, the Wen hair cleansing conditioner is an all in one product that washes, conditions and helps you style in one application.
One woman decides to put it to the test in a recent article. After seeing the media about WEN hair, she was intrigued enough to try it out. The young woman has thin hair and would love to see an improvement in volume and shine. In a one week trial, here is what she took away from the product. It’s definitely not to be used at night- you shouldn’t sleep on it because it’s so moisturizing, it can cause your hair to look greasy. When using in the morning, you will have incredible results. Bounce, shine and volume will be plentiful and your hair will be softer than ever! To read more about her opinions and see her results, visit:

Wen has several different varieties for different hair types, but the cleansing conditioners all hold their benefits. For an overall health boost, try Wen products available on today. They will transform your hair, leaving it softer and shinier than ever. Visit the FAQ page:

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Helane Morrison:A Legacy Of Intelligence, Hard Work, Integrity, And Success

Helane Morrison is a woman who’s career is very noteworthy. Through her intelligence, hard work, discipline, and integrity she has made a name for herself in law, government, and business. Along the way she helped change many people’s perception of what is possible for women and shattered the glass ceiling that once limited women’s careers. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she went to school out West and became famous for her work with Appeals Court and Supreme Court justices, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Hall Capital Partners LLC.

Helane Morrison left her native Brooklyn, New York to attend Northwestern University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, she moved on to the University of California, Berkley to study law. While there, she was editor in chief of the California Law Review. Once she graduated with her Juris Doctor in 1984, she became a law clerk for United States Appeals Court justice Richard A. Posner. That was followed a year serving as one of United States Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun’s law clerks. Morrison then took a position with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a law firm based in San Francisco, in 1986. She was named a partner in 1991.

That was just the beginning for Helane Morrison. After spending 10 years practicing law, Morrison left Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and accepted a job with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hired as the San Francisco District Office head of regional enforcement in 1996, she was quickly promoted to district administrator and later regional director. Her job put her in charge of enforcement for Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Northern California. Under her leadership, the SEC took on numerous high profile cases and took even large and well-known companies to task. She earned a reputation as someone willing to stand up for justice and the common man.

Eleven years after taking a position with the Security and Exchange Commission, Morrison left to try her hand at business. She became chief compliance officer and general counsel for the private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. This is a company owned and operated by women that managers the finances of some of the wealthiest families in the United States. As in her previous positions, Morrison was a great success. She is now also the company’s managing director and an executive committee member.

Diversant Is Solving IT Staffing Issues For Corporate America

Corporate American went through a change after the 2008 meltdown. Companies learned to operate with a smaller staff and less overhead. But the demand for one segment of the workforce has increased over the last 10 years. According to Internet sites like, network engineers, Java or Net developers, and computer programmers are hot careers, and they keep getting hotter. Diversant, the largest African-American staffing agency in the United States, is trying to keep up with demand for IT staffers. Thanks to CEO John Goullet, Diversant is filling positions with competent people faster than expected.

John started his career as a computer consultant. Goullet decided to be part of the IT staffing industry in 1994. That’s the year Goullet founded Info Technologies. His insight, diligence, and exceptional staffing team produced excellent results for clients. Info Technologies went from zero to $30 million in sales quickly and by 2009, Forbes put Goullet’s Info Technologies as number 8 on their fastest-growing privately owned company list.

When Goullet met Gene Waddy and decided to join forces in the same industry, the merger went without a hitch. Waddy’s company, Diversant Inc., was also a top IT staffing company. In 2010, Diversant was born from those two successful staffing organizations.

Diversant offers large and small corporations qualified people that pass all the tests. Diversant performs background checks, investigates resumes, and talks to references. The team at Diversant makes sure that all candidates are more than qualified for open IT positions. When some corporations want to hire candidates directly, Diversant will assist those clients when needed. Diversant’s goal is to give companies the diversity they are looking for without compromising qualifications.

Goullet’s years of experience helps clients identify staffing personnel that fits their corporate structure as well. The IT workforce is made up of creative individuals that like the freedom of working with a team as well as working solo. Goullet and his staffing team do the legwork, and they make sure the candidates fit the tasks and the company. Goullet calls that going the extra mile, and the IT staffing industry that extra mile makes a huge difference in a company’s bottom line.