The Successful Path of Talk Fusion

In just a couple of weeks since Talk Fusion Video Chat was officially launched, it has grown to be among the top communication programs in various countries. According to AppBrain, which is an Android discovery tool, Video Chat is the leading communication app in Indonesia, fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. The reason Video Chat has been able to enjoy such instant popularity is because it is smarter, faster and compatible with whichever device. Nancy Burling of Grand Blue Diamond has expressed her satisfaction with this product stating that it is of HD quality and unmatched in the market. She also added that they use it to communicate globally.

Talk Fusion shows no tendency of slowing down, and the recent success was only the beginning of a long term success. As the firm works out to launch the highly anticipated 30-day free trial, global anticipation continues to build up. In fact, in the previous 3 months, the Talk Fusion’s web ranking has leapt by more than 30,000 positions. This is due to the significant jump in the traffic data from pageviews and Unique Visitors.

With the incredible support from customers and associates from all over the globe, Allison Roberts, VP of Training and Development, views the success of Video Chat as a foreshadow of greater impacts that free trials will soon create on the market.

Currently, the Video Chat app can be found free of charge in Google Play and iTunes stores. Upon the launch of the Free Trial program, interested individuals will sign up directly from or through a personalized Associate join site.

Regarding Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. It was able to introduce a one of a kind Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The firms adheres to high ethical business practices, and as CEO Bob Reina puts it, “with great success, greater responsibility comes in.”

The success of Talk Fusion can be attributed to their dedicated team that is composed of master wordsmiths, video pros, technology wizards and dream builders. With such a team, they are able to improve lives by connecting the world with innovative video technology.

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Oisin Hanrahan is Building a Unique On-Demand Giant

Handy, a niche service that provides professionals in cleaning and repairs has seemingly dominated its specific market. In the three years it’s been in operation, Handy has increased in value from $50 million to $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan, founder of Handy, has been a constant magnet for attention by others hoping to learn the secrets to his business savvy.

The idea for Handy came about during Hanrahan’s time in college, developing a real estate business that would operate in Hungary. It was at this time that he saw a need for accessible cleaning and handyman services to perform jobs needed at properties for sale or rent. This idea wouldn’t take full form until he lived in London while working for Excel Ventures. Seeing the popularity of on-demand services, Hanrahan started formulating a business model that would combine the two, then put that plan into motion while at Harvard University while working on his Masters in Business Administration.

With $50,000 on hand, Hanrahan moved Handy from Boston to New York, seeing it as the optimal place for the company to grow and reach the largest, ever growing customer base possible.

Part of their success lies in their relationship with their contractors, who prioritize their flexibility and responsibility, helping to maintain a reputation of professionalism. This makes it easier for clients who want a reliable contractor, increasing the number of clients that keep contractors working.

With a staff of 160 employees and more than 10,000 contractors working through them, Hanrahan is set on increasing flexibility even further, which compliments the low hours many contractors work without compromising its business model as it had with similar businesses in the past.

Brad Reifier’s Forefront Capital Advisors On A Philanthropic Mission To Support Veterans And Their Families

Brad Reifler is the successful business person that can be described as a serial entrepreneur in business terms. He is currently the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital a firm he started in May 2009. This is his third successful venture in the business industry. Brad Reifler previously headed Pali Capital as its Chief Executive Officer. He was also the founder of this successful global financial services firm. Before this, he had founded his first business venture Reifler Trading Company which he later sold to Refco in 2000 after it became very prosperous in the business world. Before he became an entrepreneur, reports Brad Reifler worked in executive positions at firms such as Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Foresight Research Solutions. He also worked as a star trader at Refco.

Recently Forefront Capital Advisors lead by Brad Reifler entered into a partnership deal with Easter Seals Dixons Center. Easter Seals Dixons Center is a charity organization that is dedicated to helping American veterans soldiers and their families access a better life. This organization has been after rewarding veterans for their years of service to the nation and also help them as they return home to engage in some meaningful activities. Forefront Capital Advisors signed an end month deal last month that will see to it that the firm donates over $3 million that will go forward to fund the organization’s programs. This partnership will ensure that the Easter Seals Dixons Center able to serve more veterans and expand its reach in the military community. Furthermore, this donation will also help the organization increase the outreach of its connectivity programs in the community. These connectivity programs help provide opportunities such as employment, education and medical care to veterans and their families all over the nation.

Brad Reifler says via his Twitter that Forefront Capital Advisors are glad to work with Easter Seals Dixons Center in giving back to the society. He said that the firm’s staff and clients had fully dedicated themselves to seeing that their firm also brings positive change in the society. Brad Reifler said that by empowering veterans who served the country with dedication would go a long way in encouraging the younger generation to dedicate themselves to serving the nation. Brad Reifler says that their partnership will help provide American veterans with financial independence and a reason to feel appreciated.

Brad Reifler also says that this partnership will be able to help the veterans attain financial independence. Brad Reifler is a big proponent of financial independence and investment. He has been championing for people to invest so that they could have a stable financial source.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Expresses Its Interest In Argentinian Stocks

Highland Capital Management, a James Dondero firm has hit the headlines once more. This time, the firm was expressing its interests in acquiring a notable amount of Argentina’s stocks. After a period of financial difficulties and poor economic choices, Argentina is set to reenter the international bond markets early next month. The country plans to raise around $12 billion through the sales of its stocks. Currently, James Dondero’s asset management firm has over $19 billion worth of assets under its management. The major products that make these high amount assets for this firm are credit hedge funds and credit funds in emerging markets. Jim that is James Dondero has said that his firm will be looking forward to getting the lion’s share of Argentina’s securities.

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based hedge fund management that deals with assets acquisition and management all over the world. This firm has a stable history in Argentina’s economy having previously acquired over $4 billion worth of notes that will mature in 2033. Jim Dondero said that his firm plans to continue holding its original bonds as it also looks to buy some newly issued bonds. He also expressed his optimism that the price of Argentina’s debt would be relative to the current world economic trends and at the same level with those of other Latin American sovereigns. The country will sell out bonds worth $11.68 billion, and it expected a profit of between 7.5 to 8 percent by mid-April.

Highland Capital Management is also expected to be among the biggest beneficiaries of the debt payment ban lift on Argentina. James Dondero said that his firm had already made its annual returns on Argentina bonds of approximately 20 % since it purchased them in June 2014.  He said that from his more than 30 years experience as credit and equity marketer, this move by Argentina will have positive implications for the countries economy. As an equity and credit marketer, James Dondero who has developed expertise in the high-yield and distressed investing sectors said that his firm is ready to do business with Argentina again.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and it fast became the provider of Collateralized Loan Obligation in the market. James Dondero has been playing the leading role in the firm since its formation and also in the business industry. James Dondero has previously worked as a Chief Investment Officer, Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for different American firms before he launched into entrepreneurship.

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The Role Played by QNET in Assisting Women Achieve Success in Society

The potential of women in most patriarchal societies in the world has been undermined. The notion that men are superior has made many of us (both the young and old) to suffer from inferiority complex. Consequently, we are afraid to embrace our true capabilities, potential or talent to make an impact in our society and the world as a whole. 

Role played by QNET

More entities, which include state and privately owned firms should help us access better opportunities to make our societies and families better. Most of us are capable of establishing strong business empires with the right guidance, training, and financial support. We should be given more opportunity to work in direct selling since it is an easy and low-risk opportunity. Thanks to companies like QNET (a top direct selling company) for its undying effort in helping young women entrepreneurs. This gives us a chance to attain our dreams, make a difference in our community, and enrich our families.

The continued effort made by QNET to empower women by allowing us to join its workforce as sales representatives has aided in achieving great milestones. Consequently, through working for QNET, we are in a position to boost our earnings.

According to the Direct Selling Association statistics, 74.4% of QNET’s workforce and independent representatives are women. Khaled Diab, the Regional General Manager of QNET MENA, owed the success of the company in direct selling to our nurturing attribute as well as resilience.

Empowerment of Women

I think QNET is playing an important part in society by empowering women. Giving women who portray potential in changing society a chance to work as direct sellers is an act that ought to be emulated by other companies around the world.

The USAID also echoed that achieving success in a vacuum is a daunting task. It also stressed that for a society to succeed where we have to access better technology, health care, and education. In addition, we need to have control over markets, lands, and resources.

Details Relating to QNET

The company is a premier direct selling company in Asia, particularly based in Hong Kong. QNET vendors many products ranging from home care, energy, fashion accessories, luxury, nutrition and weight management commodities.

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The company recognizes individuals as its ultimate resource. The company also utilizes employee teams from diverse locations or countries with clients in an excess of 100 nations around the world.

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