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The Infinity Group, wealth solutions experts are committed to a new financial program. When many banks tell their customers they can get them out of debt, they often times, fail to do so. The popular Wealth Solutions Program takes a compassionate approach to your finances. Their customers are able to build a personalized business plan with a specialized wealth expert. They understand emergencies do happen in life at Infinity Group. They’re willing to help their clients prepare for their financial future with educational tools. Start to make smarter financial decisions today.


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Infinity, wealth experts, have been able to offer their clients a 5-point wealth solution test. The test is conveniently, available online. Clients take their test with immediate results. Learn how you can get more out of your finances over the course of your lifetime. You learn how important it is to invest in your future. They will recommend a financial plan with comprehensive support tools every step of the way. Don’t risk an unstable financial future with the services of Infinity. Join their team of experts online for more details.


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The Infinity Group allows their customers to take a 5-point check system to analyze their finances. When was the mast time you gave your finances a health check? You can easily become a part of a network that gives their clients personalized services. You and an individual wealth consultant sit down to discuss your finances. You can realize your dreams of wealth. One couple, was tired of being turned down for equity, and was told, they’re not good candidates for their investment ideas. Today, they own 4 investment properties and have personal residential property. They made their dreams come true through Infinity.


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Infinity can help you pay your mortgage in half the time. We can show you how to make better decisions and transform your finances. With better finances you learn how to divert your money to better places that can give you a piece of a mind. You can get your mortgage payments lowered with early pay-off terms. They will help you negotiate your new terms with your loan servicer. The Infinity Group is proud to be financial industry professionals. Learn more about their wealth solution program by visiting the official Infinity Group website today. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/testimonials/

Shervin Pishevar Paints a Gloomy Prediction of the US Economy in His 21-hr Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar has been quiet for the last six months after announcing that he would resign from Investment company. He is a pretty vocal business personality on the social media, but for some reasons, he has remained silent. Shervin Pishevar has invested in some renowned names like Slack, Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, and Uber.

Recently, Tweeter account roared to life with a gloomy tweet storm about the U.S. stock market. The market had a shake-up in Mid-February. Shervin believes this shake-up will continue towards the end of the year and cause the market to lose an aggregate 6000 points by the end of the year. Here are some of his main reasons.

The February Dip Will Continue For the Next Few Months

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the dip witnessed in the stock markets in February will continue and get more in-depth. He believes that the fall is caused by increasing credit account deficits, rising interest rates and an increase in tax giveaways.

Bonds Lost Their Power

The government issues bonds partly as a tool to reset the market and correct the deficiencies that put pressure on some sectors. However, he believes that the bonds have been used too much to remain effective. Therefore, the market may take longer or not normalize even after the central banks buy bonds.

He believes that Inflation is exported

Shervin does not buy into the thinking that the American economy is going up in contrast with the global economy. Therefore, he says that that the inflation cannot be contained within the borders and has been exported over the years. Shervin also feels that the shaky global trade deals created by the current administration will not help the situation.

Silicon Valley Lost Its Modern Rome Allure

Shervin Pishevar believes that the Silicon Valley lost its exclusivity. While it is not bad, it will negatively affect short-term economic growth. Talents and ideas are no longer strong enough to hold the Silicon Valley at the top. Shervin also feels that the American entrepreneurial spirit spread worldwide and became a global thing eroding any comparative advantages that the USA enjoyed.


Why You Should Prefer Aloha Construction to Other Companies

Last year June saw more than hundreds of houses being torched and destroyed by heavy hails, winds and storms in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The catastrophic weather condition was so severe and unexpected to the extent that the Governor even declared several areas disaster zones. Dave did the best he could to ensure that the affected people’s houses are repaired so that they can resume their normal lives, but his efforts were all in vain. This time around, Dave has promised that the same incident will not be repeated. He has hired more qualified contractors and more roof experts who will be ready to handle the large volumes of destroyed houses.

If you are still wondering who exactly I am talking about, Dave Farbaky is the CEO of a family-owned construction company by the name Aloha Construction. The company was started back in 2008 with the aim of providing repair solutions to houses that are destroyed. They mainly focus on roofing repairs and siding. Dave boasts himself of accomplishing more than 18,000 siding and roofing projects. Aloha Construction has covered areas such as Round Lake, Normal, Libertyville, Grayslake, Pekin, Vernon Hills, Palatine, Bloomington, Gurnee, Lake Villa, Mundelein, Peoria, Lake Zurich, Round Lake Beach, Lindenhurst, Wauconda, Mahomet, Hoffman Estates, Washington, and Morton among others.

Dave Farbaky is an honest, hard-working man with high standards of integrity and he encourages this principle to be embraced by every member of his organisation. With more than 300 employees working all over the two states from inspectors, field supervisors, claim specialists, an office team, and installers, Aloha Construction ensures that customers get the best service possible.

Aloha Construction is always ready to meet your home needs. Whether to your home has been destroyed by the massive storm or instead you need some repairs to be done you can contact Aloha any time, and we will be more than glad to come to your assistance. We offer free property inspection, gutter services, window replacement, roof repair and siding installation among other services.

For the company’s excellent high ethical standards, Aloha Construction was awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch Award in 2017 which recognises companies with high ethical standards.


Fortress Investment Group Is The Best – Here’s Why This Assertion Is True

Investing can be one of the most profitable livings in portfolio management, financial services, and banking – particularly alternative investment management firms like Fortress Investment Group of New York City, New York.

Fortress Investment Group celebrates 20th birthday this year, a full two decades away from its 1998 incorporation by just three young, inexperienced, entrepreneurial partners: Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman.

The company has grown immeasurable leaps and bounds since it was created, as Fortress Investment Group currently is responsible for the direction of some $45 billion in assets for a whopping 1,750 clients spread all across the world. Its investors are spread across the worlds of permanent, illiquid vehicles of capital investment; private equity firm for individual investors not associated with corporations, businesses, or government interests; and high-risk investments covered with money borrowed en masse from institutional investor-oriented financial institutions.

As one can see, Fortress Investment Group doesn’t always play it safe, nor does they company rely on just a handful of strategies to generate its market-high returns. Fortress Investment Group’s central strategy – its go-to move, if you will – is sourcing strong returns that are always adjusted for risks according to what the given portfolio’s particular owner wishes to achieve. Rarely ever does this strategy backfire on the countless pros – together they have thousands of years of experience across all nooks and crannies of the financial services industry – that maintain existing successful strategies, exercise them, determine where new strategies would be most appropriate, and formulate those new strategies.

Here’s what Fortress does today

Fortress still operates in the same manner it always has. However, rather than Fortress legally owning itself as a corporation or its assets being split among its three founding partners in the form of a partnership.

The company has since been acquired by Softbank, a full-fledged financial services firm that forked over some $3.3 billion.

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Real Friends: Juan “OG” Perez

Juan “OG” Perez is the current CEO of Roc Nation Sports. The born and bred Harlemite first met rapper Jay-Z in the mid-nineties via their mutual friend and co-founder of Roc-S-Fella records Kareem “Biggs” Burke. The two men would go on to build, become friend and business partners. They formed up and became involved in various business enterprises and ventures ranging from:

Studio Management of Various Studios

Roc-La-Familia Record Label Operations Management

Several 40/40 Club Sports Bars in Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn.

The Sports Cipher

The duo went on to form and launch the sports management firm Roc Nation Sports. They have an impressive roster that includes Victor Cruz, Juan Perez, Kevin Durant and others. They managed to secure Robinson Cano an impressive $240 million dollar contract last year that will span a decade.

It’s A Family Affair

Juan “OG” Perez works alongside his Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer wife Desiree Perez. She is a major weapon of the Hip Hop icon and is the responsible for much of Jay-Z’s success behind the scenes in boardrooms and business meetings. The married couple has been shouted out on multiple songs due to his love for the pair. In fact, Jay-Z blew over $110,000 dollars celebrating “OG” Juan’s birthday celebration with a small group of friends.

Last month Beyonce and Jay-Z release joint collaboration under the title The Carters. Even in their debut joint album Jay-Z makes clear how he feels about his friends and co-workers the Perez’s. In the song, “Friends” Jay-Z raps, “My friends, real friends, better than your friends / That’s how we keep poppin’ out that Benz, yeah / No faux, real friends, we ain’t even got to pretend, yeah.” It will be interesting to see what the future hold for Juan “OG” Perez and the family.

Visit : soundcloud.com/ogjuandadon

Work History Of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani has made it his lives passion to take care of people. He is the executive chairman of the Sussex Health Care system. This system takes care of people with many different medical condition and can treat neurological conditions, dementia, learning difficulties, and people that are losing functioning due to old age. Under Shiraz Boghani this system moved to 24 hour care for their patients and has increase their staff to 1,100 members.

Shiraz Boghani is also the chairman and director of the Splendid Hotel Group. This group is one of the leading privately-owned hotel groups in the United Kingdom. There are over 20 luxurious hotels that a guest can visit and enjoy being treated like royalty.

It all started when Boghani moved to the United Kingdom back in 1969. His first job was at an accounting firm. At this time he was a qualified Chartered Accountant. He worked there for several years building up his experience. In 1985 he decided to open the Sussex Health Care facility. Only one year later he founded the Splendid Hospitality Group. In addition to having a good business scene Boghani aims to give back to the community and help those around him. He is a member of National Council for the Ismaili Community and is a resource developer for the Aga Khan Foundation which is a non-profit organization.

Shiraz Boghani has been recognized for his work. In 2016 he won the award for Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards. He was acknowledged for his excellent leadership skills and his willingness to go above and beyond the responsibilities of his job. He won the top award in hospitality business. He is always looking to expand his business and is more than willing to help out with charitable causes.

Contributions Of Jose Auriemo Neto In The Growth Of JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is an executive in the real sector in Brazil. He is the CEO of a company known as JHSF. JHSF is one of the companies which has been in the real estate sector of the last four decades. It has facilitated development in the real estate sector in the country than any other company. Since the company started operations, it has developed some of the biggest real estate development projects in the county. Most of its projects have been carried out in big cities such as Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. JHSF was started in 1972 by the father of the current CEO. In fact, Jose Auriemo took became the Chief Executive Officer after he proved to his father that he could manage the company and realize the goals which he had set out to accomplish.

Jose Auriemo started working in the company after he graduated from the university. After joining JHSF, he made sure that he came up with a project that could contribute to the growth of the company. He created parkbem, a parking lot management company that was later incorporated into JHSF projects. The big projects that the company is doing have been achieved through the input of José Auriemo Neto. He is the one who received the first rights to build a shopping mall in Brazil.

JHSF has been involved in commercial as well as residential property. The company has been well in leading the real estate development in the country. The company through their CEO has remained innovative, and it is always coming up with new ways of doing business. It is leading the way by coming up with projects which have not been seen before. The ability of the company to be an expert  industry leader has assisted the company to spread its activities in cities in Brazil as well as other places outside the country.

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Guilherme Paulus Extends His Entrepreneurship To The Hospitality Industry

Even after establishing Brazil’s largest tour company, Guilherme Paulus isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. He is actively seeking to establish a chain of luxury hotels across the country that the longtime entrepreneur says aligns with his lifetime goal of ‘serving customers well.’ The first phase of this new project will involve setting up 20 hotels in over 11 states in Brazil at an estimated cost of R $600 million. But what is the story behind the R $6.35 billion CVC empire?

Guilherme’s career and the founding of CVC

Paulus started off as a computing professional working with IBM as a trainee. The entrepreneur, however, confesses that while computing and the short stint at the company taught him a lot, it didn’t sound interesting and satisfying. He would leave IBM for a sales position with a tour company. While here he noted that while the trips organized by the company always turned out successful, most weren’t enjoyable.

He set out on a mission of bringing fun to these trips, starting with a trip to Buenos Aires with French companions. Guilherme Paulus helped set up a series of several engaging activities that helped bring life to the event. He reckons that it went on successfully and that the clients had already booked another trip with his company by the end of the Buenos tour.

Big Break

Working with the tour operator exposed him to different clientele with whom they shared ideas and one such acquaintance challenged him to set up his own tour and travel company. He would, however, sit on the thought for over six months before drafting a business plan and quitting his sales job to start CVC tour and travel agency. The company has gone on to become the biggest in Brazil and one of the most popular tour companies in the world.

More about Guilherme Paulus

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus was named the country’s Top Seller during the annual Top Seller Event hosted by RCI Brazil. Paulus is the founder and chairman to the board of CVC Company, a Latin American tour and travel agency currently considered the market leader for the South American region. He is also the founder and president of the newly established GJP Hotels Network, a chain of hotels operating in Brazil. Guilherme’s entrepreneurial skills and the success of these two brands has helped him accumulate considerable resources that in turn helped him feature on the Forbes global list of billionaires. According to Forbes, Guilherme currently holds position 1268.

For more, please check http://www.travel3.com.br/sem-categoria/mais-uma-empresa-com-a-marca-de-guilherme-paulus/.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Guide Bradesco To Great Success

Groupo Bradesco ranks as one of the largest private banking institutions in the country of Brazil. The bank currently has more than $400 million under management and has more than 5,000 local branches throughout the country. Since the 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Bradesco has gained a strong lead over all other banks in the country.

All of this is taking place under the wise leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, one of the most renowned bankers in the entire country. Late in 2017, Trabuco announced that he would be finally leaving the post of the presidency of the bank. He said that he would be assuming the role of the chairman of the board of directors for the bank, replacing the outgoing Lazaro Brandao, who had been with the firm for more than 70 years.

As the chairman of the board, he has stated that he will continue providing the same quality of leadership that has won him so much respect and admiration throughout the banking community and in the country at large.

Under Trabuco’s leadership, Bradesco grew from a minor second-tier bank into one of the most important financial conglomerates in all of Latin America. He was able to win the Isto E Dinhiero 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, which turned out to be the largest deal ever put together in the history of Brazilian business. Also during his tenure, Trabuco oversaw a huge rebound in the stock price of the bank. At one point towards the end of 2015, the stock price was trading as low as $3 per share. But by the end of Trabuco’s presidency at the helm of the bank, the stock was back trading towards almost all-time highs. This represented an increase in the total market capitalization of the bank of billions of dollars.

He first came to work at Bradesco in the year 1969 when he was just 18 years old. Since then, he has spent his entire career climbing the corporate ladder at the bank, going from the lowliest position at the firm all the way to its most exalted office. This extensive experience has given he a first-hand appreciation for how the business should be conducted at every level of its operations. Simply put, there is no one with more hands-on banking experience in the entire country than him.

As he continues to lead Bradesco into the future, things are looking up for the bank.


Retired Brazilian Banker And Investor Igor Cornelsen

Having been the manager of some of the biggest financial institutions in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was one of the country’s top bankers. After he retired from the banking industry, he became a consultant and an investor with the Bainbridge Group, where he specializes in investing in the stock market, foreign exchange and commodities. His business is based in the Bahamas, and through it he gives potential investors long-term strategies and advice on how to grow a better income. Some of his advice has included encouraging those who are just starting out as investors to consider putting their funds into Brazilian banks, and in countries such as China, which is a big trading partner with Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen has also given his expert advice to executives at businesses like Burger King, who found his tips to be very beneficial. The successful financial advisor stepped down from his position in banking so that he could focus more on learning about the investment industry. One of the most important things he warns traders about is putting their money in companies that are going through financial issues. Instead, he helps them invest in declining or damaged stocks that they can sell and make a profit from as the market becomes more stable. These types of stocks are usually cheaper to buy.

Although he is a native of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen is a current resident of Boca Raton, Florida. He lives in his home there for most of each year, but he goes back to live in his home country for the remainder of the year. Because of his financial expertise, he has been featured in a number of business publications and on several investment websites. The investment strategist has 3 points of advice for those who want to invest in Brazil: 1. Connect with the local people of the country to get information on their business experience. 2. Be prepared for strict government regulations and high taxes. 3. Gain an understanding of foreign currency and exchange.

When he is not giving investment advice, the married businessman is practicing his hobbies such as golf, and he has a presence on many social media platforms.