Retired Brazilian Banker And Investor Igor Cornelsen

Having been the manager of some of the biggest financial institutions in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was one of the country’s top bankers. After he retired from the banking industry, he became a consultant and an investor with the Bainbridge Group, where he specializes in investing in the stock market, foreign exchange and commodities. His business is based in the Bahamas, and through it he gives potential investors long-term strategies and advice on how to grow a better income. Some of his advice has included encouraging those who are just starting out as investors to consider putting their funds into Brazilian banks, and in countries such as China, which is a big trading partner with Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen has also given his expert advice to executives at businesses like Burger King, who found his tips to be very beneficial. The successful financial advisor stepped down from his position in banking so that he could focus more on learning about the investment industry. One of the most important things he warns traders about is putting their money in companies that are going through financial issues. Instead, he helps them invest in declining or damaged stocks that they can sell and make a profit from as the market becomes more stable. These types of stocks are usually cheaper to buy.

Although he is a native of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen is a current resident of Boca Raton, Florida. He lives in his home there for most of each year, but he goes back to live in his home country for the remainder of the year. Because of his financial expertise, he has been featured in a number of business publications and on several investment websites. The investment strategist has 3 points of advice for those who want to invest in Brazil: 1. Connect with the local people of the country to get information on their business experience. 2. Be prepared for strict government regulations and high taxes. 3. Gain an understanding of foreign currency and exchange.

When he is not giving investment advice, the married businessman is practicing his hobbies such as golf, and he has a presence on many social media platforms.