Seawright Pushes for Newark’s Youth to Succeed

There has been a 40 percent decline in summer youth employment opportunities over the past twelve years. Young adults from low-income families have suffered the hardest by this decline. Young people are looking at diminished work opportunities, and a lack of on the job skills. Sixty five percent of jobs require some post secondary education; it is hard for youth to find jobs they are qualified for. With the labor market demanding more education, training, and credentials. This is why summer youth programs in the United States are important. The programs provide youth with employment, and the job training they need in today’s labor market. Summer jobs are a critical pathway for long-term job success. Cities who participate in youth job programs have higher graduation rates.

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation, partnered with NewarkWorks to help youth secure summer jobs. NewarkWorks goal is to unite Newark residents, business owners, and immigrants. NewarkWorks teaches people how to apply for jobs, understand contracts, and compete for programs within the city. Kevin Seawright implied on Twitter that NewarkWork’s goal is to increase youth employment from 3,000 to 3,500 jobs in 2016.

Kevin Seawright is a highly experienced management professional in the human resources sector and the economic development sector. He has skillfully overseen operations of private organizations and government organizations. Kevin Seawright has a strong understanding of workplace efficiency. In addition to his love for music on SoundCloud, Mr. Seawright enjoys baseball and other various sports in his leisure time. Yet, his passion and purpose is to educate the public. Seawright is deeply involved with the Baltimore City Community College and The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum. In the last thirteen years, Kevin Seawright has used his experience in executive level finance, human resources, and capital operational development to better communities along the East Coast.

Newark youth can look forward to exciting new opportunities this summer because of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks. As an added benefit, Kevin Seawright partnered with Santander Bank and TD Bank to provide financial services to the students. Students will learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts. Through the hard work of Kevin Seawright and NewarkWorks students of the city will develop a solid foundation for financial success and personal empowerment.  Follow Kevin on Flickr, but also keep informed about what he does next on the Newark website.

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