SEC Whistleblower Defender

Labaton Sucharow is the right firm for whistleblowers who want to expose possible cases of securities fraud. The whistleblower program was established as a reform in the Dodd-Frank Act. The whistleblower program provides significant financial incentives and employment protections for individuals to report violations of the federal securities law to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Labarton Sucharow was the first law firm to provide a practice that solely focused on advocating for and protecting SEC whistleblowers. They have a Whistleblower Representation Practice that comprises of an in-house team of financial analysts, forensic accountants and investigators who have experience in state and federal law which enables them to provide unbiased representation to whistleblowers. Today, whistleblowers are breaking their silence and reporting a broad variety of security violations to the SEC. Find out more about SEC Whistleblower attorneys

At Labaton Sucharow, we believe that all whistleblowers deserve a skilled advocate and reliable partner. LabatonSucharow is the place to be if you want to do the right thing. Clients have turned to LabatonSucharow for almost 50 years to prosecute high stakes and high profile securities fraud. The firm has recovered billions of dollars and compelled corporate governance reforms to ensure that the financial market operates with better transparency accountability and fairness. The firm advocates and protects those courageous people who report these securities violations at a great personal and professional risk.

We have a simple but steady approach where we are committed to and focused on helping SEC whistleblowers make the decision about whether to blow the whistle or not and when and how to do it without professional or personal regrets. LabatonSucharow evaluates all the cases selectively, and this is an approach that allows the firm to dedicate themselves to the most promising cases, and we also ensure that our clients’ cases are a priority for the firm. Labaton Sucharow does not just file papers and leave the whistleblower alone. The firm seeks to guide the whistleblowers through the journey with responsiveness and compassion. Jordan A. Thomas leads the Whistleblower Representation Practice. He is one-time Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He played a key role in the development of the SEC Whistleblower Program where he drafted the final implementing rules and the proposed legislation. He has been continually recognized for his leadership as an advocate for whistleblowers and corporate ethics.

The firm has earned a national reputation for excellence, and it is also recognized as one of the best securities law firms by the legal and business communities.