Securus deploys high technology to fulfill Christmas spirit

Securus Technologies has been a nationwide leader in prison services for over two decades. Holding over 700 patents, the company has proven itself a leader not just in deployment of new technologies but as a driver of innovation. Since 2006, Securus has been rolling out and developing on an ongoing basis its innovative video visitation software which allows inmates to have an unprecedented level on face to face contact with their friends and loved ones. Although their video visitation system may look like an over glorified version of Skype, it’s a much more robust and complex system tailored to the specific and demanding needs of the U.S. criminal justice system.



A lot more than Skype for prison


Inmates wonder why they are charged as much as $10 for an hour long video chat with their family. Why should they pay anything when applications like Skype and similar systems are completely free? Aside from the fact that prisons often charge communications companies a flat rate just for the privilege of doing business in that institution, costs that are necessarily passed directly on to the inmates, the reason video visitations cost more is because they require an entire secure-communications infrastructure that is completely invisible to the end user. The fact that this expansive back-end operation isn’t even noticed by users on any either side of a call is testament to the extreme amount of engineering and expertise that went into devising it.


All Securus video visitations are 100% secure and encrypted. Outside eavesdropping or hacking into the prison phone system is not possible. Because many U.S. prisons have high profile and even dangerous inmates who may be using the video visitation system, Securus has designed it with military-grade security protocols and extreme target hardness. Additionally, all video calls may be monitored and recorded in real time by authorized prison staff. Video calls are also subject to automated monitoring by Securus’ suite of artificial-intelligence-based anomaly detection software. All this is done to keep prisons, inmates and staff safe from outside attacks or in house threats.


Securus also runs a gigantic, dedicated switching center to handle all of its video visitation traffic. This is 100% separate from any telco internet backbones and makes the Securus video visitation network one of the most secure networks in the entire world.


When an inmate makes a call on a Securus video visitation phone, he can rest assured that he, his family and the institution in which he is housed has no chance of being compromised by a hacking attempt or abuse of the phone system.