Shea Butter is What Your Skin Needs

Did you know that Shea butter has many uses? It can be used for dry skin, eczema, wrinkles, stretch marks and can even condition your hair and moisturize your scalp. Shea butter can also be used as a base to make your own lotion or even lip balm.

EuGenia Shea is a family company started by former Wall Street analyst, Naa-Sakle Akuete. She named the company after her mother, EuGenia, who is a business woman herself. EuGenia who was born to a Ghanaian midwife named Comfort, now known as Grandma Sunshine. By the year 2000, EuGenia was making use of Grandma Sunshine’s best kept secret, which is raw, unrefined Ghanaian Shea Butter. Naa-Sakle runs the company that provides EuGenia with the shea nuts. EuGenia works with all-female cooperatives in northern Ghana and provides above-average wages and job training to the workers, many of whom are mothers themselves.

Pure Shea butter from EuGenia Shea contains many antioxidants along with vitamins A and E for all your moisturizing needs. Shea butter is a luxurious present you can give to someone or even treat yourself. We all need pampering from time to time and this product can certainly do that. EuGenia Shea offers a way to mix and match fragrances so everyone can find something to their liking. When considering purchasing Shea butter for your skin or hair, then EuGenia Shea would be the company to choose so that you can be sure you have the purest form of Shea for all your needs.