JD.com gives Hopes to the Brick and Motor Bookstores

All over the world brick-and-motor bookstores are facing the challenges of selling their books as a result of competition arising from online and other nontraditional methods of marketing. Traditional bookstores are facing a decline in traffic; however, in China, this is not the case since JD.com, China’s largest retailer, has revived the bookstores. The e-commerce giant has its online book business, but the company has ventured into providing solutions for bookstores such as procurement, logistics, and technology. Among the stores, which enjoy the services of JD.com are Yitiao and AIO SPACE that utilize the segment of JD.com of service retail.

Under the strategy of retail as a service, JD.com serves a wide range of manufacturers and retailers. The company uses its retail technology, which it had initially developed for e-commerce to help bookstores modernize their supply chains to increase their sales. Jingdong manages a ray of bookstores in Guangzhou with more than 60 book suppliers. The utilization of Jingdong logistics helps to save on costs and delivery delays, which are characterized by traditional bookstores. It can be noted that sales grew for businesses, which partnered with JD.com significantly as compared to when the bookstores were operating the brick-and-motor stores only.

It is easy for customers to have their books assorted from the stores as they feel that they have a personal and tailored approach to the services. It is predicted that traditional bookstores are now able to compete in a world of online commercialization through utilization of supply chain expertise offered by JD.com. Moreover, the bookstores can meet their customer needs. If a customer requests for a book which is not in the store, Jingdong allows them to look for them in their inventory. Tangling Books recently partnered with Jingdong has it had an array of bookstores within its umbrella. Both companies work together to create an avenue where book customer’s needs are met. Both Tangling Books and JD.com share the profits from the sales generated from their supply chain. It is through this partnership that the future of brick-and-motor bookstores has a place in the competitive business world.