Talk Fusion Launches Video Chat amid Anticipation of a Month-Long Free Trial Period

Popular video marketing solutions provider, Talk Fusion, recently launched a new product called Video Chat. Within a few weeks, the product embedded itself as one of the top communication programs in many countries. According to findings from AppBrain, Video Chat is currently the top communication app used in Indonesia. In Japan, it is ranked number 5 while in Switzerland it is number 20. This are incredible market numbers for a new product in the market.

However, it also shows the confidence and popularity of Talk Fusion and all its innovative products. The new Video Chat app allows faster communication, it’s smarter and quite compatible with most devices including apple, PC, Mac, tablet and Android. Nancy Burling from Grand Blue Diamond expressed her excitement at the new product by saying that she not only loved the new HD feature but also that there was no other similar product in the market.

In a bid to increase the popularity of its products and increase awareness about them, it is gearing up to launch a one month free trial period. This highly anticipated offer will allow clients to have free access to all products of the company. Allison Roberts, VP in charge of training and development, foreshadows a great and positive impact of the free trials on the company’s popularity. She expects that after using Talk Fusion’s products for a month, the public will become loyal customers thereafter.

This new marketing campaign is already yielding results with the company’s Alexa web ranking catapulting higher by over 30,000 positions in the last 90 days. This is largely because of the free trial offering as well as the launch of Video Chat. The company is experiencing a large jump in data traffic on its website. Customers like Steve Baran are feeling happy to be associated with Talk Fusion.

This was after Reina and his IT-savvy friend successfully embedded video on email. Since then, the company has grown to become a top Video marketing provider in the world.

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  1. Despite the success of the new product, Talk Fusion is just getting started. Talk Fusion was started by former policeman Bob Reina in 2007. That alone might have enabled paper writing services reviews to understand the coolest thing ever that they have brought to them too.

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