The Inspiring Career Helane Morrison

The thing that I admire the most about Helane Morrison is the way that she has continued to climb the corporate ladder and thrive as a compliance officer. The male dominant corporate industry can become difficult for a lot of women, but the women that are persistent have the ability to break the glass ceiling.

That is precisely what Helane Morrison has done, and I find her career quite fascinating. I think that the thing that has made her someone to watch is the determination that she had from the early stages of her career. She started early as a law clerk and worked for a decade on litigation cases. Helane became very aware of the corrupt practices that violations of employee rights.

So many women will graduate from a university, and they will find themselves in search of a job at the corporate level. They may not have any experience, but they want to have the opportunity to prove themselves and someday become top level executives. In an industry that is dominated by men that will rarely be the way that things will work. Fortunately, Morrison knew this, and she knew what she would have to do in order to combat this.

Helane Morrison would earn her first degree in journalism, but she would make the transition into law and go back to law school when she discovered her passion. She was very new to the law, corporate investigation and litigation environment in the beginning, but she adjusted quite well.

I think that Helane Morrison has built a resume that has allowed her to become one of the most valuable resources that any organization can have. She didn’t waste a lot of time or deviate from her plan. She built a resume that would be perfect for what she is doing right now with Hall Capital.

What Helane Morrison has done is inspire a whole new wave of aspiring female leaders that are trying to acquire corporate positions. She is an individuals in her own right, but she shares the spirit of ambition with so many corporate leaders that came before her. Thankfully, she has developed a blueprint for many that are coming after her.

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