The Role Played by QNET in Assisting Women Achieve Success in Society

The potential of women in most patriarchal societies in the world has been undermined. The notion that men are superior has made many of us (both the young and old) to suffer from inferiority complex. Consequently, we are afraid to embrace our true capabilities, potential or talent to make an impact in our society and the world as a whole. 

Role played by QNET

More entities, which include state and privately owned firms should help us access better opportunities to make our societies and families better. Most of us are capable of establishing strong business empires with the right guidance, training, and financial support. We should be given more opportunity to work in direct selling since it is an easy and low-risk opportunity. Thanks to companies like QNET (a top direct selling company) for its undying effort in helping young women entrepreneurs. This gives us a chance to attain our dreams, make a difference in our community, and enrich our families.

The continued effort made by QNET to empower women by allowing us to join its workforce as sales representatives has aided in achieving great milestones. Consequently, through working for QNET, we are in a position to boost our earnings.

According to the Direct Selling Association statistics, 74.4% of QNET’s workforce and independent representatives are women. Khaled Diab, the Regional General Manager of QNET MENA, owed the success of the company in direct selling to our nurturing attribute as well as resilience.

Empowerment of Women

I think QNET is playing an important part in society by empowering women. Giving women who portray potential in changing society a chance to work as direct sellers is an act that ought to be emulated by other companies around the world.

The USAID also echoed that achieving success in a vacuum is a daunting task. It also stressed that for a society to succeed where we have to access better technology, health care, and education. In addition, we need to have control over markets, lands, and resources.

Details Relating to QNET

The company is a premier direct selling company in Asia, particularly based in Hong Kong. QNET vendors many products ranging from home care, energy, fashion accessories, luxury, nutrition and weight management commodities.

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The company recognizes individuals as its ultimate resource. The company also utilizes employee teams from diverse locations or countries with clients in an excess of 100 nations around the world.

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