The Successful Career Journey Of Lori Senecal

Being the last born of a family of four, Lori Senecal knew she had to work extra smart to prove her siblings and family wrong. She was the youngest, which in many cases means being pampered and babied all the time. Nonetheless, this fact about her life transformed her into the creative leader that she is today. Speaking to Laura Dunn of Huffington Post, Lori reveals her desire to dream big from a tender age and be at the fore front to take bold decisions and steps. Her leadership style entails cultivating a strong culture and encouraging her team to dream bigger and come up with creative ways for a good performance.

Lori’s biggest breakthrough came in when she joined KBS, a company then with only two hundred employees. Most of the employees were leaving the organization a challenge she took head on. She had to quickly come up with a way to convince the clients and the team to stick with the organization. This was a huge challenge for Lori but she came up with strategic plans that attracted employees and clients. This was a breakthrough for the company and she led it to a nine hundred employee company and one with a global presence. Her stay at KBS earned her several awards from Ad Age.

Lori knew better than sit around and wait for opportunities. She worked hard and earned her reputation. She later on joined MDC Partners as the company’s chairman and CEO. She is responsible for their global presence and coming up with innovative products for the company that enables it to remain relevant in the industry. She is currently the global chief executive officer at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, spearheading programs and projects that have been appreciated globally.

Lori Senecal is a strong supporter of women in business and in leadership. She takes her time to talk to as many women as she can to share her story and hope to answer their dilemma. She recently appeared in the 3% Conference, a program that recognizes women in leadership positions in the creative industry. She has done well and is celebrated for her commitment.

Lori believes in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Despite of her busy schedule she has time to exercise and eat healthy. She engages in events and strive to maintain that balance, so that she doesn’t work too hard and fail to play. Lori has a family and spends as much time as she can with them.