The Titans of Consumer Reporting: A NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch is one of the premier sites for reporting on upcoming technology. When Saygus phones were looking to fund the development of their new smartphone, the Saygus V Squared, they turned to NewsWatch to make reviews of the phone as well as promote their indiegogo campaign. Sure enough, Saygus met their funding goal and even exceeded it by $300,0000. What separates NewsWatch from the crowd is their connection to both companies and consumers that allows them to communicate the ideas of the company as well as the desires of the consumer.

Don’t let all this talk about technology fool you, NewsWatch has been in the business for a while. They started in 1990 as a program focused on financial issues, and through the 1990s they expanded out to covering various consumer and entertainment products. It was in 2011, over 20 years after their founding, that they began their tech reporting segment. Since then they have worked with various Fortune 500 companies to produce the latest product reviews for an array of brands from Audi to Sony.

In almost three decades of existing, NewsWatch has not just survived the changes in modern media, but thrived. On top of working with internationally regarded brands, they have had household names like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on their show, which demonstrates the level of cultural clout they continue to hold in today’s day and age. If you are looking for a direct line from brands to consumers, there are few organizations better than NewsWatch TV Reviews.