Thor Halvorssen Brings A Modern Touch to The Human Rights Community

Nothing about the career and life of human rights activist and movie producer Thor Halvorssen has been predictable or followed what would be seen as the regular path taken by an activist. The Venezuelan born New York resident has been one of the most prominent activists of recent years known for his willingness to look for new and modern techniques to raise the awareness of the public about the issue of human rights around the globe; Halvorssen has gone so far as to form his own Human Rights Foundation that works to expose the work of dictators and tyrants who have caused problems in closed societies.

One of the major advances made by Thor Halvorssen has been the development of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has grown to become the most popular and important event on the human rights activism calendar. Halvorssen has looked to change the way we all see the human rights activism community by using his links in the entertainment and media industries to promote the political causes uncovered and raised at the Forum; Halvorssen himself has never shied away from the fact he takes a very different approach to human rights than those undertaken by his many fellow activists, and explained he is willing to work in any way possible to raise the issue of human rights problems within public consciousness.

As a popular and award-winning film producer Thor Halvorssen has worked with some of the most important and relevant names in Hollywood, but has also been willing to expose entertainment industry figures for their links to dictators around the world. The small team of activists Thor Halvorssen maintains as his inner circle at the Human Rights Foundation have all been chosen for their commitment to the cause of human rights, and not because of their political beliefs. Despite the work he completes, Thor is largely uninterested in politics in general and has worked diligently to bring attention to human rights abuses committed by governments from both the right and left of the political spectrum.