Why Fabletics Works

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded where many other business ventures have failed before her. The subscription/membership model is not always viewed as an up-market concept and many brands have not been able to bridge this perception. Ms.Hudson has made it easy for her customers to find the best products and the Fabletics website even has an online quiz that enthusiasts can use to determine which products are best for their needs. Ms. Hudson has hit the proverbial home run with her cute and coveted workout and streetwear!


Fabletics has grown to be a major player in the increasingly popular athleisure market segment. The brand is deemed aspirational and a desired addition to the active person’s wardrobe. The subscription service allows members to constantly refresh their athleisure options and try out new and varied designs and fits. The brand also offers local events and pop-up concept stores that increase the feeling of community surrounding the brand. At the present moment, there are almost 20 stores located in several regions throughout the United States. These stores encourage both members and non-members to visit and about 25% of shoppers who are not members sign up before leaving the store.


The Fabletics business model calls for more stores to be built and to continue the reverse showrooming concept. It is impressive that this relatively new brand has succeeded against online behemoth Amazon where much more established clothing retailers have failed. The brand has created a true sense of community amongst its members and through its local events, it gives subscribers the opportunity to learn about new products and meet other Fabletics enthusiasts.


Today’s retail landscape is fraught with many pitfalls and there are daily news stories surrounding the hardships that many established brands are facing. By offering an aspirational product that is deemed high quality and by making it easy for customers to get new products through the subscription service, Fabletics has found a large amount of success in a very challenging environment.


Check out their quiz today and see what type of Fabletics enthusiast you are! The products can be bought both online and at any pop-up concept shop or local event in your area even if there is not a traditional shop in your city. This brand is poised to become a mainstay in the athleisure market segment and its constant product innovation will keep customers pleased and returning for more.