What to Know About the Career of Cassio Audi

Did you know that Cassio Audi was an active band member before making it in the business world? The Brazilian legend was part of a rock band known as The Viper founded in 1985. His interest in music established his popularity in Sao Paulo.

Have a look at his music highlights below:

  1. Cassio the Drummer

When Viper Band was formed by Yves and Passarelli, Mr. Audi came in as a drummer. The group attained massive following in Brazil. Cassio’s contribution to the group was notably impressive as nobody could beat the drum as efficient as he did. His presentation of the music played drew massive support from the Brazilian audience.

  1. Cassio the Songwriter

Popular releases by Viper Band include the Nightmare, Princess from Hell, and Healers which were out in 1987. Cassio’s powerful song writing skills are evident in this particular album. During the release, the album was given a 4-star rating by All Music. The group was new at the time and to be fair, the rating was impressive.

  1. Cassio the Music Producer

Via his outstanding musical gift and love for song writing, Cassio was an integral pillar in Viper’s global rise. The brand grew in popularity across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Audi’s musical contribution was immensely appreciated by youths in Brazil and globally. Through Viper, Cassio’s name became a popular global entity.


After the release of the second album in 1989 entitled Theatre of Fate, Cassio quit music and decided to pursue an MBA in finance at the University of Sao Paulo. In spite of the 23 years of financial experience, Cassio Audi is a legend in the Brazilian music history. His contribution as a drummer, songwriter, and music producer at Viper is outstanding. He continues to inspire many rock enthusiasts in Sao Paulo as his records are still played to date.

His Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/public/Cassio-Audi